Tech Tutor Pilot Program

What is the program?

Blue Sky Net is looking to help small businesses with day-to-day technical skills that will assist them with their technology adoption goals.

We will work with you, one-on-one at your business location to help with your learning needs regarding:

  • Using Microsoft 365: Teams, Sharepoint, and OneDrive
  •  Microsoft Office Basics:  Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Research Skills: Best practices for finding information you need when you need it
  • Reporting Basics: Tips and Tricks to help visualize your data and build your reports
  • Basic Content Design Tips for the Non-Designer
  • Basic Tech Troubleshooting Steps and Tricks
  • Other basic computer literacy assistance as needed
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why are we starting this program?

  • To help you develop essential skills for adopting and integrating technology into your daily work to enhance overall efficiency and productivity.
  • To provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance on overcoming obstacles and seamlessly incorporating technology into routines.
  • To empower you with knowledge and tools for a confident and successful learning journey.
  • To provide targeted assistance with the goal of making the process of adopting new technologies more accessible, enjoyable, and conducive to building sustainable habits.

meet the "tutor"

Lindsay McGuinty is the ICT Community Coordinator with Blue Sky Net. She has worked in the technology sector for over 13 years in the software development, technical support and telecommunications industries.

Lindsay graduated the 3-year Business Administration-Marketing program at Canadore College before pursuing her business career in the technology sector. Throughout her career, Lindsay has been on the front lines of technical support, helped both small tech start-ups and large tech corporations refine processes, procedures and implement new software to improve operation efficiencies.

Lindsay loves learning new software and finding ways to connect various software and automations.

“You don’t work in the technology sector if you’re not the type of person who enjoys continuous learning. I enjoy using technology to solve problems and enjoy teaching others to do the same.” – Lindsay

See Lindsay's LinkedIn here.

pilot program eligibility and timelines


  • Business must operate within the Nipissing District
  • 10 or less employees
  • Tourism, Agriculture or Service industry
  • Must have physical location open to the public or be able to travel to the Blue Sky Net office for training at 337-101 Worthington St E, North Bay
  • Will be asked to provide feedback after program participation
  • Application needs to be submitted before March 15


  • Applicants will be contacted about their acceptance into the pilot program before the end of March 2024
  • Sessions will be scheduled between May 1 - August  30, 2024
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