Municipal GIS Projects

All levels of government in Northern Ontario are faced with the double challenge of satisfying a need for data and information from a wide variety of requesters (internal staff, municipal councillors, investors, business people, officials from other levels of government, the media, social service organizations, the general public) and doing so from a widely disparate collection of data sets (tax rolls, zoning records, inspection data, various local inventories, etc.).

(GIS) Geographic Information Systems is a tool that has helps to simplify all these challenges. Through a process of integration and automation, GIS sets up and delivers a set of “views” that customize the presentation of information to the specific needs, interests, and capabilities of a different groups of users. On the supply side, it provides tools to integrate and store varying data sets, allowing them to interact in a mutually supporting and synergistic manner.

Municipal Geographic Information Systems increase efficiencies in capital planning, project planning, zoning, permits and maintenance, as well as planning in the areas of health, education and lifestyle.

Smaller municipalities can realize the increased taxpayer service benefits of GIS implementation and currently, BSN works with 23 municipalities in a GIS group to facilitate these services.

If you need GIS help, let us know, we stand ready to help!

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