search for regional internet service providers

Blue Sky Net has developed a GIS map and search application that allows users to search for Internet Service Providers who own infrastructure near their location.

Using the tool below, you can search for Internet Service Providers who own broadband infrastructure near your location. This information is based on public data made available by the department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED). The information that is provided by ISED provides data for where Internet Service Providers are within a 25KM hexagonal area. This hexagon is represented on the search tool below where you can verify the correct address for your search.

If you have questions about the availability of specific internet service providers in your search results, you are encouraged to contact the internet service provider directly for confirmation of service availability.

We understand this map requires a certain level of broadband to use and if you have any questions about Northern Ontario broadband access and availability and you are not able to use the search map below, please contact:

Blue Sky Net
Phone: 705-476-0874