Redbridge Broadband Improvement

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On March 30th, 2021 it was announced that Spectrum Telecom Group (NetSpectrum) would be building a new internet tower in Phelps Township (Redbridge) improving coverage and internet speeds in the area. Coverage is estimated and may be subject to alterations or modifications before deployment. A more in-depth community consultation will take place, but for information purposes, you can review the estimated coverage areas for the tower below.

Below are the estimated coverage plots for the internet tower within the Phelps Township deployment.

Use the plus (+) and minus (-)  buttons to zoom in and out of the map. Areas below the coloured coverage projection are estimated to be able to access the new service, but this is not guaranteed.

Scott Mannering 1950-2017

The Project team at Blue Sky Net and Spectrum wishes to acknowledge the contribution of our friend and colleague Scott Mannering. Scott was an advocate and pioneer for better internet access throughout the rural north and a champion for service in his community of Redbridge. Professionally, Scott worked for Ontario Northland in the early days of establishing their Internet Service Provider division, later to become known as Ontera. While with Ontera, Scott was a founding board member of the Blue Sky Economic Growth Corporation and later the Project Manager for it’s Information Communication Division, Blue Sky Net. Scott’s presence and guidance are missed, but his efforts live on.

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