How to Apply for BTIF


How to Apply for the BTIF Program

The BTIF program assists businesses by providing grants for the cost of e-business and other technology projects and by providing guidance during the application process in order to ensure applying businesses are working towards projects that achieve their goals.

If you have any questions about the BTIF program or if you’re a business interested in applying, please contact and direct applications to:

ICT Community Outreach Coordinator: Jerry Poliszczuk
Phone: (705) 476-0874 ext 213

To successfully apply for a BTIF grant, follow the five-step application process:

  • Step 1: Complete and submit the BTIF Step1: Application.
  • Step 2A consultation between the applicant and the program coordinator will be scheduled to review, discuss and to advise on your application and project proposal.
  • Step 3The applicant will be responsible for obtaining projects quotes which must be submitted to Blue Sky Net for review and feedback.
  • Step 4The applicant will be provided the BTIF Step 4: Disclosure & Declaration document for their review and submission.
  • Step 5A final overall evaluation will be conducted by Blue Sky Net for the applicant’s file. If approved, the applicant will receive a Letter of Offer document which outlines the financial details of the approved grant in addition to project deadlines.

Note: Applicants must not begin their projects until they have received approval from Blue Sky Net.

Complete and submit the “BTIF Step 1 Application” to our ICT Community Outreach Coordinator (Jerry Poliszczuk –

Application is available for download here:

Completing the BTIF Step 1 application is the first step in the five-part BTIF application process. This is done to ensure that applicants not only receive accurate quotes for their projects, but in addition, applicants gain a better understanding of the direction of their projects and how to initiate and complete projects for their businesses.

You must complete this document and submit it to Blue Sky Net before you speak to a developer.

BTIF Step 1 applications can be submitted to Blue Sky Net by

  • Email:
  • Fax: 705-223-3696
  • Mail: “Blue Sky Net – 102-150 First Avenue West, North Bay Ontario, P1B 3B9”

A BTIF Step 1 Application is available for download as a PDF document. It is recommended that applicants download the BTIF Step 1 application to their desktop or laptop and open the worksheet with their PDF viewer software. Some components of the worksheet may not be available when viewed through a web browser. If you have issues completing the form online, please feel free to print a copy of the application and either submit a physical copy or a digital scan copy.

Free PDF viewing software:

  • Adobe Reader

If you experience issues completing the application or you have questions, please contact: 

ICT Community Outreach Coordinator: Jerry Poliszczuk
Phone: (705) 476-0874 ext 213

Participate in a Blue Sky Net Project Consultation

After you have submitted a BTIF Step 1 application, your file will be reviewed and a consultation will be scheduled with you – this can be done in-person or via teleconference. The purpose of the consultation is to discuss your project objectives, provide the applicant with unbiased project direction and to prepare the applicant for their requests for quotes from vendors for their projects.

Ultimately, the Blue Sky Net consultation is conducted for the applying business to receive unbiased support, education and direction regarding their project with the intent of aiding them in achieving their technology business goals.

Obtain vendor quotes for your project and vendor quotes review

After submitting a BTIF Step 1 application and receiving a project consultation from Blue Sky Net, it is the responsibility of the BTIF applicant to obtain, at least, but not limited to, two vendor quotes for their project. Applicants must select from the list of BTIF approved vendors which is available on the Blue Sky Net website on the “BTIF Developers” page.

  • BTIF Vendor List

After obtaining vendor quotes for your project, applicants are required to submit a copy of these quotes to Blue Sky Net. Blue Sky Net will review your project quotes and provide the applicant with feedback with the intent of ensuring the applicant moves forward with quotes that are both comparable in services and meet their objectives.

“Selecting a Vendor” is a supplementary document which provides advice on how to prepare for a meeting with a vendor and how to decide which vendor best fits your project.

Complete the Disclosure & Declaration

The BTIF Disclosure & Declaration document is provided to applicants upon the completion of the previous three steps. This document will be provided once the applicant has provided their Step 1 application, has received their consultation, has submitted their quotes and has received quote feedback.

Completing the BTIF Step 4 document is the fourth step of the BTIF application process. This form is used by Blue Sky Net to confirm the applicant’s vendor selection and for the applicant to review, understand, and accept the terms of the BTIF program.

Final Application Assessment

Blue Sky Net will conduct a final project assessment and notify the client of the status of their project application. The client will be notified of the assessment outcome – if approved, the applicant will receive a contract agreement for their funding and may at that time begin their project. Successful applicants will be notified of the financial amount they have been assessed for their project as well as the project deadline which must be met in order to maintain their access to the approved funding amount for their project. 

Project Completion Requirements and Grant Payout

In order for successful applicants to receive their pre-approved project funding, projects must be completed by the agreed deadline as outlined by the approval contract and must have fully-paid for their project by the deadline. The project must be completed by the deadline and available for review by Blue Sky Net for the purpose of confirmation that work has been completed.

The reimbursement grant amount as agreed to in the approval contract will be issued immediately upon proof of project completion and proof of payment.

Proof of payment requirements include:

  1. Copies of project invoices which have been issued to the applicant from their vendor
  2. Proof of payment for the project:
    • Acceptable proof of payment include: Processed cheque images (canceled cheque, receipt,etc.), credit card statements that clearly display the vendor has been paid and there has been an account withdrawal. 
    • Cash is not an acceptable form of payment to developers for this program.

Reimbursements are provided after proof of payment (processed cheque, canceled cheque, receipt, etc.) and invoices are submitted.