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Infrastructure: Service Providers

The table below is a list of Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in the Blue Sky Region. Contact service providers to find out availability of service in your area.   *Click on internet providers below to open their website.* Bell Aliant Galaxy Broadband Net Spectrum Bell Mobility Indigiinet Surenet Cogeco Cable KNET True 802 Core Lakeland Networks Vianet Cottage Country Ontera Xplornet Eastlink Rogers […]

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Infrastructure: Expansion Approach

OVERVIEW Our objective is to provide every household in our service delivery region with an economical connection of at least 5 Mbps download. Low density population is the main reason providers are unwilling to invest in infrastructure improvements. Parity between urban and rural internet access is likely not realistic. Private sector must be the ones to build and operate high speed networks. […]

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Infrastructure: Tenders

There Are No Request For Proposals At This Time

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Software Applications: BAIMAP

BROADBAND & ASSOCIATED INFRASTRUCTURE MAPPING ANALYSIS PROJECT (BAIMAP) It is has been a universal understanding for some time that access to high speed internet is essential for advancing our economy, quality of life and the sustainability of our communities. So why are there areas in Northern Ontario where high speed internet is not yet available to all our population? In spite of […]

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Software Applications: Municipal GIS Partnership

Municipal GIS Partnership Municipalities in Northern Ontario are faced with the double challenge of satisfying a need for data and information from a wide variety of requesters (internal staff, councillors, investors, business people, officials from other levels of government, the media, social service organizations, the general public) and doing so from a widely disparate collection of data sets (tax rolls, zoning records, […]

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Software Applications: ConnectedNorth

    Over the last three years, Blue Sky Net in concert with other federally funded Information Communication Technology development organisations (ICTN’s) and Internet Service providers(ISP’s) have collected coverage and speed information to map all of the Broadband (Internet) service availability in Northern Ontario. This information has been developed into this public portal to present a clear picture of service availability directly […]

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ICT Training   COMPUTER TRAINING MATERIAL ( IN DEPTH) Training Material (Computer Education – Basic) Training Material (Computer Education – Advanced)  

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