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What happens if I think I am not in range of the new tower?

Fixed wireless networks depend on a certain degree of unobstructed path between a customer and a tower. Engineers decide on tower locations to maximize the number of people that can benefit from the improved service, however, harder to reach areas are sometimes not possible. The maps provided on this page are purely estimates to give some idea of coverage for this project. […]

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How will this work?

Once the tower is built, interested individuals should contact NETSPECTRUM directly for service requests. If you are within probable range of the tower, technicians will schedule an on-site visit to confirm signal strength and to install the equipment pending signal strength tests. Typically, customers will receive an outdoor mounted antenna, cabling as well as a modem. Configuration of customer end equipment depends […]

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Who is involved?

Blue Sky Net, a not-for-profit Information Communication Technology Network advocates for broadband improvements throughout the North. Blue Sky Net created a gap study using GIS maps of broadband coverage as well as user submitted speed tests and applied for Universal Broadband Funding for this project and will receive $386,000 from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Blue Sky Net is responsible for […]

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