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Cyber Safety Fundamentals

Recently Blue Sky Net had the privilege of providing an informational presentation in Sundridge, Ontario regarding some of the fundamental concepts of modern cyber safety. This presentation focused on explaining some core introductory concepts such as: Why cyber security is important. Understanding the balance between what you can do and what should be left to professional IT services. What are common types […]

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5G wireless communication is upon us but what is the difference?

Originally posted at www.neonet.on.ca (https://www.neonet.on.ca/press-releases/5g-wireless-communication-is-upon-us-but-what-is-the-difference/). The fifth generation of mobile technology or 5G as we typically call it is upon us (already in testing in certain areas of the United States), but what are the largest differences compared to our current 4G LTE networks? The next generation is primarily enhancing what we already have in order to have more capabilities to connect more […]

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How to Read Between the Lines of Phishing and Virus Emails

  This month in our tech-talk we’re going to feature our discussion around ways of identifying suspicious emails.  Why is it important? Malicious emails are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect as perpetrators develop new methods to target users. A successful email attack on a business can harm productivity or bring the business to a halt. It’s not all doom and […]

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Connect to Innovate Program

The Connect to Innovate program is a Government of Canada funding initiative who’s mission is to fund broadband development in rural and remote Canada. The program’s intent is to bring high speed internet to 300 unique communities by providing a $500 million funding program which can be used to leverage partnerships with stakeholders such as internet service providers, communities and provinces. The […]

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