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BEAM: How to Apply



Blue Sky Net is presently not able to accept further applications for the BEAM program. Please follow Blue Sky Net on TwitterFacebook or by joining our mailing list to stay up-to-date with news regarding the BEAM program.

How to Apply for the BEAM Program 

The BEAM program assists businesses by providing subsidy grants for the cost of e-business projects and providing assistance by ensuring that business objectives are met through these projects.

If you have any questions about the BEAM program or if you’re a business interested in applying, please contact and direct applications to:

ICT Community Outreach Coordinator: Jerry Poliszczuk
Email: jerry.poliszczuk@blueskynet.ca
Phone: (705) 476-0874 ext 213

To successfully apply for a BEAM grant, follow the four-step application process:

  1. Complete and Submit a Project Worksheet 
  2. Participate in a consultation with Blue Sky Net and obtain your two vendor quotes for your project
  3. Complete and submit a BEAM Application
  4. Application Assessment

Note: Applicants must not begin their projects until they have received approval from Blue Sky Net.


Complete and submit a Project Worksheet to our ICT Community Outreach Coordinator (Jerry Poliszczuk – jerry.poliszczuk@blueskynet.ca) 

Completing the BEAM Worksheet is the first step in the four-part BEAM application process. This is done to ensure that applicants not only receive accurate quotes for their web projects, but in addition, applicants gain a better understanding of the direction of their projects and how to initiate and complete web projects for their businesses.

You must complete this document and submit it to Blue Sky Net before you speak to a developer. BEAM worksheets can be submitted to Blue Sky Net by email (jerry.poliszczuk@blueskynet.ca), fax, regular post or submitting a copy at our office.

A Project Worksheet is available for download as a PDF document. It is recommended that applicants download the BEAM Project Worksheet to their desktop or laptop and open the worksheet with their PDF viewer software. Some components of the worksheet may not be available when viewed through a web browser.


If you experience issues completing the application or you have questions, please contact:  jerry.poliszczuk@blueskynet.ca.


Obtain vendor quotes for your project and participate in a consultation with Blue Sky Net

After submitting a BEAM Project Worksheet to Blue Sky Net, it is the responsibility of the BEAM applicant to obtain, at least, but not limited to, two vendor quotes for their project. Applicants must select from the list of BEAM approved vendors which is available on the Blue Sky Net website on the “BEAM Developers” page.

BEAM applicants should use their previously completed “BEAM Project Worksheet” when approaching vendors for quotes. The information from the worksheet will assist in providing prospective developers the necessary insight required to provide an accurate quote for your project.

After obtaining vendor quotes for your project, applicants are required to submit a copy of these quotes to Blue Sky Net and participate in a consultation session. This consultation can take place in person or via telephone conference.

“Selecting a Vendor” is a supplementary document which provides advice on how to prepare for a meeting with a vendor and how to decide which vendor best fits your project.


Complete the BEAM Application

Completing the BEAM Application is the third step of applying for a BEAM grant. This form is used by Blue Sky Net to register applicants to the program and to verify businesses meet all criteria of the BEAM mandate. All applicants should be prepared to provide further documentation in the process of due diligence.

The BEAM Application is provided to applicants during their consultation, after having completed the previous two steps.


Application Review

The review and assessment period, pending a high-intake period, is estimated at 5-15 business days. Blue Sky Net will contact applicants regarding the status of their application. Approved applicants will be provided a project agreement letter which must be signed and returned to Blue Sky Net. Upon Blue Sky Net’s receipt of the agreement letter, approved BEAM applicants may begin their project, which must be completed in three months.



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